The SILVERstandard
adjustable base –

sets a new standard for adjustables!

Functionality, convenience and design. All in one.
It’s time to (r)evolutionize your bedroom.


Reliable and Innovative

The SILVERstandard is a state-of-the art adjustable base. It provides freedom in movement and position control while the four platform elements allow for a comfortable fit to any body shape and position.

Compact and Clean

At the heart of the SILVERstandard is the technology core called ELEmatic. This revolutionary system combines all the mechanical and electrical components of the frame within a clean and flawless design.


Quick and Intuitive

With the ready-to-assemble design, building your adjustable base takes less than 15 minutes by a single person. Disassembly is just as simple,
making it a convenient piece of furniture to transport when moving rooms or your home.


Easy and Effortless

The SILVERstandard is designed to be simple. The wireless remote control’s intuitive interface allows for immediate usage of pre-programmed positions (zero-gravity, anti-snore, lay-flat) as well as individual positions programmed by you.


SILVERmotion App
In addition to the remote control, the SILVERmotion Bluetooth App also provides some extra features, such as additional pre-set memory positions, two color modes (day/night) as well as a timer for the vibration massage.


Simple and Convenient

The efficient design and intelligent technology allow for convenience. In just two boxes, the SILVERstandard can be delivered by UPS and FedEx Ground directly to your doorstep! The days of white glove service and extra shipping fees are finally over!

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